Tag the Furniture is your one-stop furniture management resource. We specialize in end-of-life redistribution and management for your office furniture and equipment. TAG helps corporations make the most out of their furniture liquidation, provides top quality resources to local non-profit organizations, and keeps unnecessary waste from clogging our landfills, polluting our land water and air. The EPA estimates that businesses discard approximately 3 million tons of furniture each year. This results in corporate disposal costs of more than $100 million per year! Our commitment to diverting furniture into positive second-life use will save you both money and hassle.


The office furniture redirection process takes time, patience and detailed expertise. TAG does the heavy lifting of managing your end-of-life furniture redistribution. We inventory and track your furniture resources, find suitable local non-profit partners, manage furniture packing and delivery, and provide you a detailed report with your total financial donation complete with current value estimates and documentation from our non-profit partners. In one move, you can avoid expensive storage and disposal fees, provide valuable resources to needy organizations, and boost your bottom line through positive environmental and social impact.


As a sustainability firm, TAG works first to make sure our clients are making the best impact for their bottom line, the communities they operate within and the environment we all rely upon. TAG has a comprehensive database of nonprofit organizations we partner with to redirect our clients’ office resources where they’ll do the most good. Office furniture represents a major investment for most community based organizations. The reused or refurbished office furniture donated by our clients lets our non-profit partners’ dollars work the hardest where they’re needed most. 


We’re committed to planet, people and profit.