TAG believes in the work our non-profit partners do each day for the communities they serve. Helping to build brighter futures for children, healing families displaced by trauma, caring for abandoned or abused animals...these are just a few of the missions TAG supports with our redirection efforts. We know that non-profit organizations work very hard to keep their administrative costs as low as possible and we’re committed to helping our partners make the most of every dollar they raise. Our mission is centered on giving corporate furniture a new life supporting the work of community based organizations. This allows those organization to then focus their funding on their core competencies. 


When an organization chooses to join the Tag the Furniture process, we verify each organization is in good standing at the State and Federal level.  Once an organization has been entered into our database, we can then match their needs with incoming donations. Our partner organizations are active participants in the donation process. Through our proprietary system, they are able to view catalogs of furniture to meet their needs. This process works especially well for specialty items that are often price-prohibitive for our partner organizations. The Tag the Furniture system is focused on keeping useable furniture and office equipment out of landfills.