How long does it take to Tag the Furniture?

Just as every office varies in type and quantity of furniture, each redistribution project has its own timeline. The Tag the Furniture process takes into account the individual needs of our clients including their location, the variety and amount of materials to be redirected, and any moving or replacement deadlines already in place. Ideally, we would like 30 to 90 days to properly inventory and donor match all of the furniture. While we are able to be nimble, our best results are achieved in this window.


What if my company has specialty equipment?

Our primary goal is landfill diversion and we will go the distance to find the right recipient for specialty equipment. If a particular piece of equipment is not suitable for nonprofit organizations, our network can seek out small for-profit entities. Tag the Furniture has options for clients in a range of industry classifications. Our system can work for offices with standard furnishings as well as corporations with specialty equipment.


Who pays for moving the furniture?

Ideally, our partner recipients will pay moving costs to receive the furniture. In some unique situations that may not be feasible. This can often be determined during the inventory process, but Tag the Furniture is always upfront with our clients about the appropriate solutions for each situation.


Who decommissions the furniture?

The Tag the Furniture system takes into account every step of the process. Our partner database and network of redistribution resources moves the cost and worry of furniture disposal out of the loss column of our clients’ balance sheets.


Why wouldn’t we just do this ourselves?

Inventorying and categorizing office furniture and equipment, finding donor organizations, organizing multiple moving operations, and compiling documents is a time and labor heavy undertaking. There’s nothing easy about the process. The Tag the Furniture method provides our clients a competitive advantage and is faster and less expensive than trying to do the work in-house. Hiring us saves a lot of time, money and aggravation. Let us clear your space so you can focus on what you do best!